Supporting low attaining SEN Pupils – Mainstream and Special Schools

There is a need for real and challenging maths experiences for SEND pupils, that allow teachers to generate ‘talk for learning’ and develop reasoning and problem solving skills.

This programme provides a series of inclusive challenges, based on the original CAME (Cognitive Acceleration Mathematics Education) materials, to develop thinking that underpins the key areas of mathematical reasoning.

The strategies complement a mastery approach to teaching and learning, enabling all pupils to reach their potential in Mathematics.

Feedback from similar sessions run last year found that students had increased confidence, interaction and discussion, and were able to see more maths in real life context.  This year we will run two cohorts, one for Mainstream schools, which will take place over 2 full days, and one for Special schools, which will take place across 3 full days.  Both will have gap tasks in between.

The programme will demonstrate and develop pedagogy that supports SEN pupils to develop a deeper, more secure understanding of topics, with greater retention.   Pupil attainment, motivation and engagement will be tracked by participants.

Professional learning

  • Supporting the school led system by developing Maths Leaders who can develop individual teachers with their professional learning.
  • Improved formative assessment skills.
  • Vehicle to develop learners – metacognition and challenge within maths

Teaching practice

  • Exemplify good teaching practice by demonstration lessons.
  • The development of strategies to support group work and the management of discussion and collaboration.
  • The planning of challenging lessons to support formative assessment.

School approaches and policy

  • Strategies embedded across the department to support lower attaining pupils.
  • Inclusive lessons that promote enjoyment, engagement and motivate all learners.

Pupil outcomes

  • Improved conceptual understanding and engagement with mathematics
  • Pupils are confident with exploring and articulating their mathematical ideas.
  • More reflective and metacognitive learners.
  • Pupils comfortable to engage with challenging concepts.
  • Able to see connections between school and everyday mathematics.

Participants will:

  • have the chance to observe sessions where this style of teaching is used and then trial the practice in their own schools.  The second session will encourage them to reflect on their experience with the materials and develop their practice and resources further. There will a focus on group work, questioning and lesson planning.
  • gain a series of enhancement lessons to be used within the curriculum, and development of a classroom pedagogy to support all learners.
  • will be encouraged to attend SEN network meetings to further share and discuss with peers as they embed changes to their teaching practice.

What is CAME?

The programme will be delivered by Alan Edmiston.  Formally a Primary and Secondary teacher with 20 years experience, Alan now works as an education consultant, specialising in lesson design and the use of Cognitive Acceleration techniques to enrich classroom learning.

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