Secondary Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement for SENCOs, TAs and LSAs

These workshops will develop participants’ mathematical subject knowledge focusing on Key Stage 3 and 4, including number sense, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning and fractions.

The programme runs from 12:30 to 15:30 on:

  • Tuesday 4th February
  • Wednesday 11th March,
  • Thursday 30th April,
  • Monday 8th June, all at Churchill Community College, Wallsend.

Who is this for?

Secondary school SENCOs, TAs, LSAs and other support staff working with students or supporting mathematics in a variety of settings.

  Work Group activity

  • 4 half days of workshops with other practitioners on the programme
  • Independent study and setting-based work including gap tasks and evaluation
  • Online discussion as part of a professional community
  • Support and mentoring from Work Group Lead

 Intended Outcomes

As a result of this project, participants’ skills and confidence in the maths classroom will be increased. TAs will develop knowledge of the pedagogy of maths teaching and how to support pupils effectively by use of questioning and better understanding of common misconceptions.

Those involved will gain knowledge of practical ways to apply the skills and understanding developed during the programme, in order to provide consistent maths support to pupils.

 Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants are expected to be working in a classroom environment and/or involved with individual or small group support and intervention or leading teams of support staff. All participants are expected to attend all the sessions and complete gap tasks in their schools between the sessions. They will also be asked to keep a learning log for their own use and contribute to the national evaluation process, probably through a short online survey after the Work Group has finished.

Please follow this link to book…..

When booking you will be asked to give your NCETM Username. We ask for this as we will use the NCETM website to coordinate your programme evaluations, in order to report to the DfE. If you do not already have an NCETM username, please create one here

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