Roundup of 2019-20 Programme Details

We are delighted to announce a selection of our 2019-20 programmes are now open for application.

To express an interest in those that are yet to be released, please email


Reference Title Application
NCP19-01 Primary Mastery Specialists Cohort 5 No longer open for applications
NCP19-02 China-England Exchange – Showcase Events Primary and Secondary
NCP19-03 Secondary Mastery Specialists Cohort 3 No longer open for applications
NCP19-04 Secondary Mastery Specialists Cohort 4 No longer open for applications
NCP19-05 NCETM Accredited PD Lead Programmes No longer open for applications
NCP19-07 LLME Communities Local Leaders of Maths Education
NCP19-08 Supporting Effective Transition from Reception to Year 1 Open for application
NCP19-09 Primary TfM Development Work Groups No longer open for applications
NCP19-10 Primary TfM Embedding Work Groups 2018-19 TfM Work Group Schools
NCP19-11 Mastery Readiness Primary
NCP19-12 Primary Tfm Focus – Lesson Design No longer open for applications
NCP19-13 Primary TfM Focus – Intervention Open for application
NCP19-15 Secondary TfM Development Work Groups Secondary
NCP19-16 Secondary TfM Embedding Work Groups 2018-19 TfM Advocate Schools
NCP19-18 Year 5 – Year 8 Continuity Work Group Not yet released
NCP19-19 Challenging Topics at GCSE Open for application
NCP19-21 Supporting Core Maths Not yet released
NCP19-22 Embedding Technology in Level 3 Maths Not yet released
NCP19-24 SKTM Programmes Open for application
NCP19-25 Partnership with ITT Providers ITT Providers
IWG1 Early Mathematical Concepts in SEND Open for application
IWG2 Improving Maths Pedagogy at Secondary Not yet released
IWG3 Maths in Science – Secondary Open for application
IWG4 Maths in Science – Primary Not yet released
IWG5 Girls Participation Not yet released
IWG6 Developing Action Research Not yet released

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