Release of 2019-20 Programme Details

We are delighted to announce our 2019-20 programme details below, and will be populating programme dates over the coming weeks .  Please click on the links for further details on each of the individual programmes.  To express an interest in participating, please email

We look forward to working with many of you across the next year!

Reference Title Aimed At
NCP19-01 Primary Mastery Specialists Cohort 5 No longer open for applications
NCP19-02 China-England Exchange – Showcase Events Primary and Secondary
NCP19-03 Secondary Mastery Specialists Cohort 3 No longer open for applications
NCP19-04 Secondary Mastery Specialists Cohort 4 No longer open for applications
NCP19-05 NCETM Accredited PD Lead Programmes No longer open for applications
NCP19-07 LLME Communities Local Leaders of Maths Education
NCP19-08 Supporting Effective Transition from Reception to Year 1 Early Years
NCP19-09 Primary TfM Development Work Groups No longer open for applications
NCP19-10 Primary TfM Embedding Work Groups 2018-19 TfM Work Group Schools
NCP19-11 Mastery Readiness Primary
NCP19-12 Primary Tfm Focus – Lesson Design Primary
NCP19-13 Primary TfM Focus – Intervention Primary
NCP19-15 Secondary TfM Development Work Groups Secondary
NCP19-16 Secondary TfM Embedding Work Groups 2018-19 TfM Advocate Schools
NCP19-18 Year 5 – Year 8 Continuity Work Group Primary and Secondary
NCP19-19 Challenging Topics at GCSE Secondary
NCP19-21 Supporting Core Maths Post-16
NCP19-22 Embedding Technology in Level 3 Maths Post-16
NCP19-24 SKTM Programmes EY Teachers, Primary Teachers, EY & Yr 1 TA’s, Primary TA’s, Secondary TA’s
NCP19-25 Partnership with ITT Providers ITT Providers
IWG1 Early Mathematical Concepts in SEND TA’s in Special Schools
IWG2 Improving Maths Pedagogy at Secondary Secondary
IWG3 Maths in Science – Secondary Secondary Maths and Science Depts
IWG4 Maths in Science – Primary Primary
IWG5 Girls Participation Primary and Secondary
IWG6 Developing Action Research Primary and Secondary

In addition, we are also delivering a Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) in Secondary Mathematics 2019/20

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