Reasoning and Visualisation in Key Stage 1 and 2

Reasoning is a key aim of the primary mathematics NC and has been identified by Ofsted as the least well-developed. Some key aspects of reasoning include:

  • identifying patterns, properties, relationships and structures
  • clarifying what is the same and what is different
  • making decisions and deductions based on given information or particular situations
  • exploring the mathematical structure of problems and describing, interpreting and explaining what you see

Visualisation can support these aspects of reasoning and develop higher levels of thinking.  It can contribute to the CPA approach, linking external practical or pictorial representations to internal models or visualisations that can be manipulated to support conceptual understanding.  Pupils need to be supported to develop these internal images and to share and discuss them with others.

This two part programme aimed at Key Stage 1 Teachers and Maths Leads, will develop participants understanding of visualisation and its role in mathematics, equipping them to employ a range of strategies to enhance pupils’ conceptual understanding and reasoning skills.  There are 2 workshops afternoons, and a gap task which will need to competed between the 2 sessions.

There will be a cohorts aimed at Key Stage one and another for Key Stage two.  See our events page for details of both.

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