NCP19-12 Primary Teaching for Mastery Focus – Lesson Design

Refining understanding of good lesson design, and being able to use resources well, is a crucial element in developing teaching for mastery. Teachers in this Work Group will work together to plan exemplar lessons (drawing on new Mastery Professional Development Materials produced by the NCETM and Maths Hubs, and other sources of mastery resources for the classroom including textbooks) and in so doing will improve lesson design across their school.

The project will also make use of the planning guidance created in previous projects to update and extend it, and it will be informed by the work of the ‘Planning opportunities for Greater Depth’ project in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Who is this for?

Schools that have made a significant commitment to teaching for mastery in their curriculum planning are invited to nominate two teachers for the Work Group. It is recommended that schools have participated in a TRG Work Group, but this is not essential. One of the teachers attending the Work Group should be in a middle or senior leadership role (ideally the Maths Lead), with experience and expertise in teaching for mastery. It will also be suitable for schools that have taken up textbook match funding and are looking for support with good use of the new resources.

What is involved?

Participants attend a meeting for one day per term with all the other schools in the Work Group.

There is also one further day per term, which involves a meeting with the two teachers from another school in the Work Group to enable joint planning and observation of each other’s lessons. This has a particular focus on the small steps required in teaching for mastery.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants will be expected to attend all workshops. Each pair of colleagues from a school will work with a pair from another school to design, deliver, observe and evaluate lessons as well as discussing progress and actions with the Work Group Lead. Participants will be expected to offer their feedback on the Mastery Professional Development Materials as well as the lessons that they collaboratively design.

Schools will be expected to release two participants for the days required and to support them in providing time for collaborative work with the in-school and partner school colleagues. It is expected that participating schools will be committed to embedding teaching for mastery in their curriculum and will be able to benefit from the participation of their teachers in this Work Group.

Programme Dates:

Wednesday 16th October 3:30pm – 5pm:  launch meeting with HT or SLT and the participants

Wednesday 6h November all day:  Day 1

Wednesday 26th February all day:  Day 2

Wednesday 22nd April ½ day (afternoon):  Day 3

Wednesday 1st July ½ day (afternoon):  Day 4

Application form can be found below, please complete and return to by Friday 4th October. 

Lesson Design in a Mastery Context Application Form – 2019-20

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