NCP19-11 Mastery Readiness Programme

Since 2014, the Teaching for Mastery programme has trained hundreds of primary teachers as Mastery Specialists.  Thousands of school have been helped by these specialists to start introducing mastery approaches in their maths lessons.  But not all schools, for a variety of reasons, are able to move into a formal development programme in one leap.  That is why the Mastery Readiness programme has been developed: collaborative training and bespoke support, which aims to provide a stepping stone to take schools into the main Teaching for Mastery programme in the subsequent year.

Development Workshops

Your school could be part of a group of schools worlinmg together at development workshops.  Your Maths Lead, and another teacher (along with your headteacher initially) will attend regular training events (up to 2 per term).
Regular Bespoke Support Visits

Our Mastery Readiness lead will regularly viist your school to offer bespoke support, railored to your schools specific needs, and will work with leaders and staff.


The programme is provided at no cost.

Your Commitment

Release two teachers to engage in all events.
• Give these teachers the opportunity to lead professional development in school.
• Actively support reflection and collaboration among staff in the pursuit
of improvement.


The development workshops and bespoke support include:

• An introduction to mastery, how to prepare a school to be ready to implement teaching for mastery, initial steps both in leadership and in classroom teaching, and strategies for overcoming
potential barriers.
• Support for the headteacher in addressing leadership issues related to mathematics and contributing to raising standards.
• Opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing mastery readiness.

If you are interested in participating in the Mastery Readiness programme, please email

If you’d like to find out more about Mastery Readiness and read a case study, please visit:

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