NCP18-20 Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement

There is more to subject knowledge than being able to do the maths yourself. The Primary SKE Work Group develops primary teachers’ mathematical subject knowledge so they can understand, teach and support pupils effectively. A key focus is not only improving the participants ability to ‘do’ mathematics but also to ensure they have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well.

Work Groups will explore maths in depth, making connections between topics and concepts. Participants will also work collaboratively, led by a local leader of maths education (LLME) to develop deep and secure subject knowledge and appropriate pedagogy.

To make the programme accessible for schools across our whole region, we are running 4 cohorts.  All dates are 9.30am arrival for 10am start, finishing at 3pm:

Cohort 1 – National Centre for the Written Word, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 1JF

15th November 2018 / 1st March 2019 / 29th March 2019  Click Here to Book for Cohort 1

Cohort 2 – Metrocentre Marriott Hotel, Marconi Way, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 9XF

22nd November 2018 / 8th March 2019 / 14th June 2019  Click Here to Book for Cohort 2

Cohort 3 – White Swan Hotel, Bondgate Within, Alnwick, NE66 1TD

29th November 2018 / 28th March 2019  / 27th June 2019  Click Here to Book for Cohort 3

Cohort 4 – Meadowdale Academy, Hazlemere Avanue, Bedlington, NE22 6HA

6th December 2018 / 28th February 2019  / 20th June 2019  Click Here to Book for Cohort 4

Who is this for?

All primary teachers. It is most suitable for those with 2+ years’ experience.

What is involved?

  • 3 x full day workshops spread across Academic Year 2018-19
  • Independent study and setting-based work including gap tasks and evaluation
  • Online discussion as part of a professional community

Intended Outcomes

As a result of this project, participants will not only be able to ‘do’ mathematics but will also have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well. Teachers will develop both their knowledge about mathematics and knowledge about the teaching of mathematics, developing better pedagogy and being aware of how pupils learn and how to teach the content most effectively.

Classroom practice will develop through participants’ engagement with gap tasks between meetings, trying out activities with their pupils to promote understanding, reasoning and fluency. Planning for teaching, learning and assessing will be improved.

Expectations of participants and their settings

Participants are expected to be working as classroom teachers. All participants are expected to attend all the sessions and complete gap tasks in their schools between the sessions. They will also be asked to keep a learning log for their own use and contribute to the national evaluation process, probably through a short online survey after the Work Group has finished.

Download the programme information leaflet 18-20 Primary SKE Info Sheet

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