Ri Masterclass New Speaker Training Day

23/02/2019 to 23/02/2019 10:00am - 4:30pm

For more information on Ri Masterclass events, including training and taster events across the UK, please see rigb.org/education/masterclasses/get-involved/events

The Ri Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. All over the UK, keen young people who have been nominated by their teachers attend series of workshops to explore areas of these subjects outside their school experience. The programme aims to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the wonders and applications of these far-reaching subjects and to continue their interest and engagement into later life.

This training day is delivered by the Royal Institution’s Masterclasses team and aimed at local STEM professionals, academics and educators. Throughout the day participants will  develop some of the essential skills needed for creating and delivering an Ri Masterclass based on your own favourite topic.

Each academic year, the Great North Maths Hub run a very popular Ri Mathematics Masterclass series for Year 9 students. There are Engineering Masterclasses that run for Year 8, 9 and 11 in Central Newcastle, North Shields, Beamish Museum and Hartlepool. Computer Science Masterclasses for year 9 students will also take place in Newcastle in summer 2019. All series would welcome new workshop leaders keen to deliver the sessions – please get in touch with the Ri Masterclass team if you would like to get involved prior to this training event. You can also volunteer as helpers; contact the Ri Masterclass team to be introduced to the local organiser for the relevant Masterclass series.

Register here: rimasterclass_speaker_training_newcastle.eventbrite.co.uk

Session 1 will focus on presentation, communication and classroom management skills. You will take part in activities to help develop your skills in these areas and hear top tips shared by existing presenters.

Session 2 will focus on the development of your workshop. You will need an initial idea to bring to this session. This idea does not need to be fully formed, but you should have thought about a topic you would like to cover and considered some potential activities that the students may be able to take part in during the Masterclass workshop. You will receive guidance on turning this idea into a working Masterclass as well as time to discuss and share ideas with your peers and Masterclass team representatives. Be prepared to give input and feedback into other speakers ideas as well as receiving feedback on your own.

Session 3 will focus on skills for inclusive learning, in particular looking at maintaining equality and recognising unconscious bias. You will learn about inclusive techniques to apply in your Masterclass, focusing on removing some of the barriers which can prevent people from effectively engaging.

If you have any questions about the training day please get in touch with masterclasses@ri.ac.uk

Please note that lunch will not be provided.  There is a café in the Saville exchange and shops close by.

Please share this invite with your contacts who may also be interested in supporting the Ri Masterclasses.


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