Maths for Science

29/11/2018 to 29/11/2018 12.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Delivering the course with our strategic partners, the Science Learning Partnership, we want to work with and develop the practice of maths and science teachers teaching the new maths and science GCSEs in schools. The maths content of the new science specification is up to 40% in some cases and requires teachers and students to use complex mathematical processes. Science teachers have already expressed concerns at the amount of mathematics that they will need to teach. The intention is to develop the pedagogy of teachers when teaching maths in science to apply the principles of teaching for depth of understanding, and ensure that the science and maths departments are working together to deliver a coherent programme of study for the children in their care.

Who is this for?

Secondary schools from our region who would like to develop partnership and pedagogy in their maths and science departments.  A member of staff from the maths department and the science department should attend.

Programme Dates

29th November 2018 / 24th January 2019 / 4th April 2019 / 27th June 2018

All dates run 12.30pm – 4pm, and take place at The Langdale Centre, Wallsend, NE28 0HG


The programme is free to attend and participant schools will receive teacher release funding of £600 upon completion of the programme.

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Intended Outcomes

To empower the teachers in school with the knowledge and skills to teach the mathematical elements of the science curriculum and maths in the context of science so that pupils understand and can use and apply those skills effectively.

Professional learning:

  • Improved subject knowledge, where needed
  • Effective planning and teaching of maths in a science context
  • Deeper appreciation of principles of mathematical pedagogy underpinning mathematical understanding
  • A deeper knowledge of which structures and representations are appropriate to use and when
  • The establishment of a collaborative and supportive network, sustained through the use of an online community.

Teaching and/or leadership practice:

  • For leaders, an appreciation and understanding of the work of the Maths Hub and the impact on the planning, teaching and assessment of mathematics in science and maths
  • Improved mathematics pedagogy in the classrooms of participating schools, with a particular focus on developing deeper understanding
  • Teachers and leaders will have an overview of the programmes of study matching the timings of content delivery across the maths and science departments.

Pupil achievement, attitudes, participation or experience:

  • All pupils will benefit from increased opportunities to explore maths in more depth in a science context
  • Pupils will be able to transfer skills across subject areas and contexts
  • GCSE performance will improve in both maths and science

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