Education Endowment Fund Student Grouping Study

There is an opportunity to be part of an EEF funded study, investigating the impact of setting and mixed attainment grouping in maths Key Stage 3.

The purpose of this study is to improve understanding about the most effective ways to group students for teaching in maths (ie. Grouping students in sets or in mixed attainment groups).

There is space for 120 schools to be involved. All schools who take part in this study will continue with their usual maths teaching and will not be asked to do anything different.

  • 40 schools can take part who use mixed attainment grouping in maths with Years 7/8 students  (This may include a nurture group for the lowest ability students).
  • 80 schools can take part who group Years 7/8 students in sets for maths.

Schools who take part will receive £1000 at the end of the study in 2021 after the data collection process has been completed.

For further information and details of application, please visit the EEF website:

Sign up deadline is 30th June 2019


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