Local Projects

Maths Hub projects fall into two categories, National Collaborative Projects, where all hubs work in a common way to address a programme priority area, and Local projects where hubs work independently on locally tailored projects to address the programme priorities.

February Newsletter

This year we are launching a new, more regular newsletter, which will...   Read More

Secondary Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement for SENCOs, TAs and LSAs

These workshops will develop participants’ mathematical subject knowledge focusing on Key Stage...   Read More

Roundup of 2019-20 Programme Details

We are delighted to announce a selection of our 2019-20 programmes are...   Read More

NCP19-08 Supporting effective transition from Reception to Year 1

This project will explore best practice in Early Years and how the...   Read More

NCP19-11 Mastery Readiness Programme

Since 2014, the Teaching for Mastery programme has trained hundreds of primary...   Read More

NCP19-15 Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

Participate in the Maths Hub Secondary Teaching for Mastery programme in 2019-20....   Read More

NCP19-12 Primary Teaching for Mastery Focus – Lesson Design

Refining understanding of good lesson design, and being able to use resources...   Read More

NCP19-13 Primary Teaching for Mastery Focus – Intervention

Whole class teaching is becoming embedded across schools using a teaching for...   Read More

NCP19-18 Year 5 to 8 Continuity

Teachers from different phases will work together in this Work Group, to...   Read More

NCP19-19 Challenging Topics at GCSE

Feedback from teachers and GCSE exam analysis indicates there are key areas...   Read More

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