Summary of 2018-19 Secondary Projects

Please see below a list of all our Keystage 3 and Keystage 4 projects taking place in 2018-19.  Where there are links to programme flyers, you will find full details and information on how to book.  To express your interest in the projects without links, please email

INV18-01 Maths For Science

NCP18-02 China-England Exchange

NCP18-03 Secondary Mastery Specialists (Cohort 2 and 3)

NCP18-04 NCETM PD Lead Programme

NCP18-05 Maths SLE School Improvement Support Programme

NCP18-06 Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME) Support Network

NCP18-12 Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

NCP18-13 Mathematical Thinking Info Sheet

NCP18-14 Y5 to Y8 Continuity Info Sheet

NCP18-15 Challenging topics at GCSE Info Sheet

NCP18-21 Secondary Teaching Assistant Subject Knowledge Enhancement

NCP18-22 Developing Working Partnerships with ITT Providers

NCP18-23 Developing working partnerships with SEND and Mathematics

Secondary Maths TSST – Great North

Please contact for further information on any of our projects.

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