Local Projects

Maths Hub projects fall into two categories, National Collaborative Projects, where all hubs work in a common way to address a programme priority area, and Local projects where hubs work independently on locally tailored projects to address the programme priorities.

Primary Teacher Conference – Wednesday 5th June

We are absolutely delighted to be hosting our Primary Teacher Conference for...   Read More

NCP18-23 Developing mathematical understanding for SEN pupils

This programme will encourage Special Schools and local Mainstream Schools, to develop...   Read More

NCP18-11a Lesson Design in a Primary Teaching for Mastery Context

Refining understanding of good lesson design, and being able to use resources...   Read More

NCP18-21 Primary Teaching Assistant Subject Knowledge Enhancement

There is more to subject knowledge than being able to do the...   Read More

NCP18-11b Intervention in a Primary Teaching for Mastery Context

Whole class teaching is becoming embedded across schools using a teaching for...   Read More

Maths For Science

Delivering the course with our strategic partners, the Science Learning Partnership, we...   Read More

2017-2018 Secondary Projects

NCP17-02  Teaching for Mastery Specialist Programme NCP17-03  NCETM Accredited PD Lead Programme...   Read More

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) in Secondary Mathematics

We are delighted to again be offering funded Teacher Subject Specialism Training...   Read More

Primary Teacher Conference – 5th June- Tickets Now Released!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW We are absolutely delighted to be offering...   Read More

Strategies for Support and Challenge

Differentiation in Math teaching is at the top of many schools’ agendas...   Read More

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